Ctrl+Sky by Advanced Protection Systems

An innovative technology to prevent the threat posed by intrusive drones

Ctrl+Sky is the advanced drone detection and neutralisation system.  Ctrl+Sky has many competitive advantages which makes it the most advanced product on the market. From the complete multi-sensor configuration of the system, the price-to-performance ratio, to the patented, unique sensors. Combining scientific approach with practical application and focusing on maximising efficiency makes Ctrl+Sky a global market leader

The world’s only drone detection system featuring:

  • Modular and fully reconfigurable radar sensor
  • MIMO radar technologies for improved detection accuracy
  • Radar tracker based on MHT (multi hypothesis tracking) algorithm
  • Acoustic sensor with direction-finding capability
  • Operating in all weather conditions
  • Detecting drones with RF communications disabled
  • Reliable operation in urban areas
  • Available in stationary and mobile versions


Radar Sensor

Detects all commercial and hobbyist drones

Works in all weather conditions

Determines the exact position of the drone

Minimises the number of false alarms

Available in different ranges (from 300m to 2km)

Acoustic Sensor

No direct line-of-sight required for proper operation

Determines the direction of acoustic signals

Classification of objects (drone vs no-drone)

RF Sensor

Robust operation in urban areas

Early warning of nearby drones

Vision Sensor

Visual confirmation of detected drones

Machine-learning based classification of objects

Unmatched system performance with multi-sensor approach:

  • Operation in all weather conditions, both day and night
  • The best value for money in the market
  • Purchase or Leasing options for customers 
  • Detection of autonomous drones
  • Detection of drones with RF communication disabled
  • Precise localisation of drones


All weather operation

Detects drones with no RF signature

Non-line of sight detection

Reliable operation in urban density areas    

Enhanced performance with sensor data fusion

Detection of wide range of threats







How it works?

Thanks to the multi-sensor approach, Ctrl+Sky enables efficient detection, identification and neutralization of drones, day and night, in all weather conditions. Ctrl+Sky offers a scalable system approach to ensure a complete “dome” of protection from unwanted drone invasion.

System operation

The combination of patented radar, acoustic, vision and RF sensors allows Ctrl+Sky to minimise false alarms and detect even small drones at distances up to 2000 meters.

The FMCW radar sensor operates in the X band and uses MIMO technology to locate drones. Ctrl+Sky uses the most advanced radar tracker based on MHT algorithm. The system can distinguish drones from other flying objects, such as birds.

The acoustic sensor is based on 8-element microphone array that uses digital beamforming technique to accurately localize sound sources in 3D space. Advanced, machine learning based classification algorithms discriminate between drones and other objects.

Video cameras register recordings of detected drones, so it is possible to present hard evidence of an intruder in a protected area.

The RF Sensor detects radio-link between a drone and remote control-station by identifying radio frequency (RF) signatures of Wi-Fi signals. The RF sensor detects a targeted radio signal, identifies it and with Ctrl+Sky software allows neutralization of unwanted drones. By using multiple RF Sensors the drone operator can also be localized.

Ctrl+Sky Jammer is an optional element of the system. Jammer is used to neutralize drones by overpowering drone’s receivers. Its use is restricted to a group of customers with appropriate permissions.

Ctrl+Sky Stationary

Ctrl+Sky Stationary is designed to permanently protect a defined area. The Ctrl+Sky Stationary design is based on a high, stable mast that is installed in the optimum location for the best possible operation of the system. In the Stationary system, different types of cameras are used, depending on clients’ needs. Alternatively, the CCTV cameras already installed and used on the client’s object can be integrated with Ctrl+Sky system. Also included in the Ctrl+Sky Stationary is the server unit (processor unit) that is used to process the data and manage the entire system. The server unit can be located as far as 100 meters from the sensor mast.

Ctrl+Sky Mobile

The mobile version is characterised by the ability to be easily moved and quickly assembled at the destination. Instead of a mast, the lightweight, functional tripod is used. With this, Ctrl+Sky Mobile can protect selected areas for a limited time, such as during special events and gatherings, such as charity runs and marathons, music festivals and concerts or sporting events.

Ctrl+Sky Mobile is equipped with a “battery pack” that allows you to power the system if you do not have access to a power supply.

Ctrl+Sky Jammer

The Ctrl + Sky offer includes a professional, effective and advanced Jammer produced by our partner, HP Marketing & Consulting. It allows direct neutralisation of intrusive drones by intercepting and forcing them to land immediately. The jammer drowns communication channels in the 2400 – 2483.5 MHz and 5725 – 5875 MHz bands, as well as GPS navigation in the 1559 – 1610 MHz band. The device we have used directional antennas with circular polarisation and 3dB beam width of 15 degrees. The Jammer operates at an output of 0.5 W for GPS and 3 W for 2.4 and 5.8 GHz respectively. The effective range of the jammers is up to 1000 m. The device is available in both stationary and handheld versions of the traditional weapon. Both variants allow for radio interference between the dron and the operator and GPS / GLONASS / Galileo signals.

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