AUXdron Lifeguard is a highly advanced drone from GeneralDrones, a purposely built for surf rescue and life-saving services.  The drone was designed for fast action in case of emergency in an aquatic environment.  The technology employed shortens response times,  rapidly delivering suitable floating support to the victim until the rescue teams arrive.  The AUXdron Lifeguard drone is capable of deploying two auto-inflatable lifeguard vests.  In case or support from land or sea, the AUXdron Lifeguard has the additional advantage of delivering reeled rescue line, reducing the danger to the rescue personnel.


The objective of AUXdron Lifeguard is to perform rapid action in case of emergency in the aquatic environment, providing the necessary support and instruments to the victim until the arrival of rescuers.   In situations from land or boat gives us the advantage of moving rescue lines.

AUXdron is also capable to perform surveillance tasks, as to avoid unnecessary departure of rescue boats and dinghies.  With this the solution helps to reduce fuel and maintenance expenses, as well as exposure at times of risk for the crew.

The system is supplied with Command and Control Ground Station where the pilot will carry out the different piloting operations of our aircraft.



•    Water tightness. It allows to protect the internal

      components, extending its useful life and allowing it

      to be in contact with the aquatic environment.

•    Equipped with a GPS positioning system, which

      transmits data and images in real time by telemetry

      and video transmission.

•    Maximum range 7 Km

•    35 minutes flight time.

•    Maximum speed 100 Km/h

•    2 Inflatable life vests with a CO2 bottle system.

•    Total weight 9.5 kg

•    Wind resistance up to 46 km/h

•    Safety system includes Return to Home (RTH) and

      Altitude Hold

•    Box for its transportation.


•    Waterproof IP65

•    Video frequency 2.4 GHz 

•    Control Frequency 433 MHz 

•    Built-in USB charger 

•    Comfortable harness 

•    10” HD Screen 

•    Built-in battery and charger


•    Amplified 2.4 GHz receiver

•    Amplified 5,8 GHz FPV receiver

•    FPV video monitor

•    Connected Tablet telemetry (GPS Position)

•    Anemometer

•    Battery charger


Southern Cross Drones offers a feasibility assessment of the  environment where AUXdrones need to be deployed.  During this work, we will work with Surf Life Saving teams responsible for the coordination of the rescue service as to determine the location that drones will have during the season.   Such location  will coincide most-likely with the position of the jet-ski and the position where the boat master is.

Once the location for drones is determined, together with the beach coordinator, the new procedures of rescue action can be  developed, tightly integrating this AUXdrone technology.

For purpose of surveillance and better protection of coastal waters, one or more automatic routes can be introduced, prefixing the points of greater danger, such as rips, facilitating a better control of what happens at any moment. These automatic routes can be flown over periodically, in a schedule that will be determined by the coordinator of beaches.  In addition to this, the drone can be commanded manually for timely support in the surveillance work of rescue personnel.

In the case of an emergency, the pilot-rescuer, under the orders of the coordinator, will operate the rescue drone, going to the scene of the incident, therefore significantly shortening the precious time available since the sighting of a person in danger.  Thanks to rapid deployment of the drone, time to deliver buoyancy vest to the person in danger is going to be dramatically shorten, helping the victim to remain afloat until the arrival of rescue team.

Southern Cross Drones will train designated lifeguard-pilots , who will ultimately join the rescue team to work under the orders of the beach coordinator.  The pilot’s  position will always be close to the ground station (control station), enabling him/her to react quickly in case of emergency, surveillance and prevention.  The pilot will be in charge of activating the "Rescue Drones" service each day, mounting the heliport and performing  regular pre-flight checks  to ensure the sound state of the aircrafts and other devices.


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