Optelos replaces your file management and delivery systems with a single Data management and AI based analytics platform to manage projects, collaboratively analyse and classify content, and deliver results to clients in a branded interface.  

To address these challenges, Optelos created the Drone Work Advisor cloud software along with the Drone Sync Field App.  Optelos’ patent pending technology indexes and correlates drone digital assets in the field while cloud-based software manages vendors, aggregates drone contents, and manages drone activities.  Optelos solution is a great news for drone contractors as well as the industries, by helping them to solve three fundamental challenges in building scalable drone programs: standardising workflow, normalising data, and conducting the surveys.

Optelos Drone Work Advisor

Standardising Drone Workflow – Drone work activities are complex and often very different than traditional manual workflows.  Organisations have to contend with on-boarding costs of drone operators, work approval, and overall decision support across multiple applications.  The lack of standard work process creates inconsistencies that can lead to errors and limit the effectiveness of drone operations.   Optelos works with enterprises and drone operators to provide standard work processes for scheduling drone work, facilitating collaboration and coordination between parties, and securely aggregating and managing drone content across workgroups.  One flow, all in one place, connected via the cloud. 

Normalising Drone Data – One benefit of drone based applications is rapid acquisition of digital data assets from a wide array of payloads, such as photos, videos, and thermal.  Drones are data collecting beasts, but the sheer volume can be overwhelming.  Imagine data streaming in from hundreds of disparate drone sources, every day, across multiple groups.  Organisations need tools to normalise and aggregate this data influx to drive consistent and actionable impacts.  Optelos’ patent pending DroneSync™ technology can index and correlate drone digital assets for easy consumption.  DroneSync™ allows drone service vendors to aggregate and characterise their results, and then synchronises the normalised data back to the secure cloud server.  With the Drone Work Advisor cloud-based software, enterprises can easily manage, view, and act on the normalised data, regardless of the data source. In essence, the software does the work of bringing disparate puzzle pieces together for a big picture view that makes sense. 

Conducting Drone Surveys – Southern Cross Drones, as partner for Optelos provides turnkey drone operation services to help businesses launch standardised drone programs.  Certified pilots conduct inspections alongside field personnel, or Southern Cross Drones can train employees to conduct drone surveys themselves.  This uniquely flexible approach makes drone programs more accessible to more businesses.  By providing advanced services like RF testing and point cloud modeling, Optelos solution ensures participating businesses get the most out of their drone data.

Data management and AI Analytics to deliver meaningful results

Smart Data Management

Say goodbye to security and hiccups of your old “DropBox”.   Empower your business with real-time visibility for analyzing  and sharing your Drone data.

Custom Data Analytics

Quickly identify and classify massive volume of images and videos with just a few simple clicks.  Smart tagging provides rich context.

Visualize Data

Eliminate hassle of multiple data viewers  .  Single platform to visualize Point Cloud, Orthomosaic, and Geo Tag data.





A Smarter Way to Manage, Analyze and Deliver Drone Data

Spend less time managing files and send your clients away to “Drop Box” to retrieve their data.   Deliver a better overall experience to your customers and generate more revenue.

Organise & Plan

  •   Create custom task list
  •  Map view to quickly find projects
  •   Manage schedules

Upload, Manage and Collaborate

  •   Securely upload all your content
  •  Powerful and intuitive data viewers
  •   Collaborate and analyze results

Tag, Edit, and Search

  •   View and Annotate documents
  •  Add pre-defined and custom Smart tags
  •   Quickly and intelligently search content

Point Cloud Viewer

  •   Built-in Point Cloud Viewer
  •  Eliminate hassle and save time


  •   View timeline of events
  •  Track tasks and activities
  •   Management Dashboards


Southern Cross Drones are the certified partner and resellers for Optelos in Australia and New Zealand.  For more information about Optelos Drone Data Management and Analytics solution contact us by sending request to info@southerncrossdrones.com

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