With DroneSense, fly every mission with a consistent flight control interface and enable automatic flight logging and remote live streaming. Support all of your aircraft, controllers, and equipment in your program with one centralized software application.

One App for Many Drones

Simplify your drone operations and pilot training by using one flight control app for the many different types of drones in your fleet. See list of supported drones >>

Apple and Android Support

The DroneSense mobile app can be used with the most popular flight controller displays, including iPad, iPhone, Crystal Sky, and Smart Controller.

Clear Telemetry

View pertinent telemetry data including height (MSL, AGL, and height above terrain (HAT)), speed, relative drone position and orientation to pilot, and gimbal angle.

Extensive Sensor Support

Use the best visual or thermal camera for any operation. Toggle between sensors and access features unique to each, like zoom controls and thermal palettes.

Persistent Map View

Maintain awareness of your aircraft’s position and orientation at all times, even while viewing video full screen.