Southern Cross Drones Introduces ELIX-XL Drone Built for Specialised Applications

SYDNEY, 17 March 2017 -  Southern Cross Drones is now offering ELIX-XL multi rotor drone as a small, foldable, ruggedised Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial system solution.  

The ELIX-XL drone which can easily fold down and fit into a manageable backpack is capable of handling exterior reconnaissance flights for the purpose of capturing and transmitting high quality images and digital video.  Autonomous capabilities and simple navigation and camera control makes it possible for anyone to fly ELIX- XL with only a few hours of training.  A 6km operational range combined with up to one hour flight time make the ELIX-XL the best drone in its class.  What makes ELIX-XL to stand out is its ability to operate in harsh environmental conditions in a wide temperature range (-20°C to +50°C).  The system is designed with the latest technology to provide high functionality and ease of use.

Both hardware and software provide a uniquely intelligent platform with features like autonomous mission execution with the option to change all parameters during flight. Fully autonomous take off and landing can be performed with different programmable flight patterns.  If for some reason the data link is lost, features like return home, proceed with mission and emergency landing can be executed autonomously. Using a Panasonic Toughbook as a controller significantly shortens the learning curve for operators, with all autonomous inputs from the operator being seamlessly integrated with programmed automatic functions of the platform.  Overall ruggedness combined with a long battery life and a bright screen add to the platforms general usability.

The ELIX-XL drone features a foldable design that requires no tools to assemble.  The operator simply snaps the legs into place and the platform is flight ready within minutes.  The unique design makes the ELIX-XL platform highly portable as as the multi-rotor and and the ground control elements all fit into the special reinforced backpack.  The backpack has been developed in cooperation with Galvi-Linda who as a company have a extensive history in developing and producing tactical clothing and packs for military forces and police.

The three axes stabilised gimble incorporates two high quality cameras EO and a IR camera. The operator dose not have to choose before the flight what sensor to attach to the multi-rotor, but rather has both sensors always ready for use. The sensors also feature image stabilisation and a 12x optical zoom for the general vision EO camera and a 4x digital zoom for the Infra-Red camera.  Object tracking for both stationary and moving targets makes following anything of interest easy.

About ELI 

ELI is an Estonian engineering company that has its roots in developing and producing military simulations equipment. The company has been creating custom tailored solutions for the most demanding end users in the defence sector since 1995. In the 2000s ELI’s  passion for unmanned aerial systems and the in house know-how of product development spawned the ELI Airborne Solutions branch of the company. Over the years the company has developed several custom fixed wing UAV-s and multi-rotor systems.  In 2016 ELI has received the award for the Estonian Defence Industry Company of the Year.

For more information, visit  DJI website: http://www.uav.ee

About Southern Cross Drones 

Southern Cross Drones is a Sydney, Australia based commercial UAV and UAS company.  Founded in 2016 Southern Cross Drones provided range of unique drone based solutions aimed at civil engineering, surveying, mapping, mining  infrastructure and inspection, precision agriculture applications. Southern Cross Drones is renown for its competency in matching the best available solutions with specific requirements of clients in government, education, enterprise, agriculture, mineral resources, science and research sectors.

For more information, visit our website:  http://www southerncrossdrones.com