DroneTracker System Has Already Proven Itself  To Provide 24/7 Airspace Protection

SYDNEY, 18 April 2017 -  Southern Cross Drones, the rapidly growing Australia’s commercial drone (UAV’s) solution company, announced today entering into partnership with Dedrone, the world leader in drone detection technology. 

The drones are becoming easily available and representing a new threat to the security system. Detection of these drones has become an important factor for the maintenance of the security. The main drivers of this growth are increased security breach incidences by the unidentified drones and use of drones for terrorist activities.  With global anti-drone market is developing at equally fast pace, the DroneTracker technology is perfectly suited to detect unmanned aerial vehicles based on their WLAN signals, allowing for identification of drone models and even individual devices. 

“Only through safe and immediate detection can an individual or corporation effectively protect against unwanted drone surveillance,” states Dedrone CEO, Joerg Lamprecht. “As drone sales reach an all-time high and the technology and sophistication behind drones is amplified, it is imperative that drone detection meets the rapid changes in the industry. DroneTracker is the next wave in technology to meet that demand.” 

Dedrone’s DroneTracker system, which currently utilises cameras, sonic and ultrasonic sensors, has been updated with Wi-Fi sensors, making it the most effective drone detection tool in the marketplace. These Wi-Fi sensors detect UAVs through their Wi-Fi signals that are either emitted when a drone is controlled with a smartphone or when an on-board camera is sending video signals to the pilot. The new sensor also reads the MAC- addresses of the emitting device, thus allowing to identify both drone models and even individual devices.  When a drone returns or is tracked to a different location, it is recognised as the identical device.   This information is crucial in order to evaluate the threat potential and to trace the pilot.

“We are hoping that drone detection technology will quickly become an important component of security infrastructure” said Tom Piotrowski, CEO of Southern Cross Drones.  “Having over two decades of IT Security experience behind me, I am of strong opinion that by the same token as physical security facilities got integrated with IT security systems, the protection of airspace surrounding of buildings and infrastructure, will become critical link in improving security posture of many organisations.”

Southern Cross Drones is offering two types of Dedrone systems  A fixed on premise system is designed to provide anti-drone protection in places such as government buildings, corrective services facilities, power plants, water treatment plants and similar.  A portable system is suitable for protecting airspace of public events such as sports, open air concerts but also in aiding emergency services operations, such as establishing drone free zone around bush fires and other disaster areas.

About Dedrone

Dedrone is one of the first companies in the world to develop effective technologies for protection from small, civilian drones, and has been recognised as an innovation and technology leader in this field since 2014. DroneTracker is the system developed by Dedrone that warns immediately against intrusive unmanned aerial objects to protect data centres, stadiums, prisons, airports and other critical infrastructure from smuggling, espionage and terrorist acts. Depending on the requirements, any number of sensors can be integrated into DroneTracker, and countermeasures such as jamming transmitters can be activated automatically. Dedrone is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Development and production are located in Kassel, Germany.  For more information, visit Dedrone website:  http://www

Southern Cross Drones 

Southern Cross Drones is a Sydney, Australia based commercial UAV and UAS company.  Founded in 2016 Southern Cross Drones provided range of unique drone based solutions aimed at civil engineering, surveying, mapping, mining  infrastructure and inspection, precision agriculture applications. Southern Cross Drones is renown for its competency in matching the best available solutions with specific requirements of clients in government, education, enterprise, agriculture, mineral resources, science and research sectors.

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