ThermalCapture Fusion allows you to easily store aligned digital radiometric and visual data at the same time.

ThermalCapture Fusion is a dual camera especially designed for small drones. With its lightweight design and architecture, it is the perfect and very flexible tool for unmanned operations within thermal mapping, security operations but also high level industrial inspections.

It is a stand-alone solution and therefore ready-to-use for any drone, which can lift ~130 grams. ThermalCapture Fusion can be provided with a gimbal, additional GPS and provides open interfaces for any other sensor as well – in case sensor data fusion is needed.

Why ThermalCapture Fusion? Simply, because it is the new market leader!

Compared to other solutions, ThermalCapture Fusion is very small, very light and aligns both sensors (thermal + visual) accurately together.

In other words: With only one camera (including two sensors) all relevant data can be stored now in one file, on only one microSD.

The key benefits for operators of ThermalCapture Fusion are especially on the economical side of things: They massively save time within post-processing as thermal data and visual data are perfectly synchronised – in only one file. A user has no longer to manually align thermal and visual data by hand during post-processing; ThermalCapture is doing it instead “on the fly” – literally.


    •    Completely aligned thermal and visual sensor

    •    Overlay of thermal and visual images in real time and post processing

    •    Digital thermal radiometric and visual data stored on microSD card

    •    Per pixel temperature measurements

    •    Hot Spot Detection

    •    Geo-referenced data material

    •    Serial interface for meta data

    •    Analog live video output + HDMI

    •    Stores position and time (GPS + PPS)

    •    S Bus / PWM compatible

    •    Remote controllable

    •    Available in 9Hz

    •    Compatible with any drone

    •    Compatible with FLIR software tools

    •    The only small drone dual camera, which is capable of recording the full thermal frame rates


    •    Dimensions: 61 x 30 x 56 mm (W x H x L) | 2.4 x 1.18 x 2.2 in (W x H x L)

    •    Weight: 130g | 0.28lb, incl. FLIR Tau2 Core

    •    Resolution: 640 x 512 pixel (thermal) | 1600 x 1200 pixel (visual)

    •    Thermal resolution: 0.05K (performance grad) or 0.03 (industrial grade)

    •    Live video output: Analog video (PAL), HDMI




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