At Southern Cross Drones we discover, evaluate and make the proven UAV solutions available to customers in Australia, New Zealand and APAC region.  Whether you are looking to map terrain, asses integrity of bridge building, cell tower infrastructure, aid search and rescue operations, asses health and biomass of your crops, or perhaps you are concerned about unauthorised drones approaching your airspace, we have the most innovative drone solutions to address your needs available.


Southern Cross Drones  delivers specialised drone data analysis training in areas of aerial inspections, survey and mapping, agriculture, drone fleet management.   Furthermore through our association with Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accredited training centres, we  can arrange Remote Pilot License (RePL) courses and certification for RPAS up to 25kg.



Southern Cross Drones was founded and opened its first office in August 2016, bringing on board  team with broad range of skills and experience.  From scientists to engineers to aviators to information technology security professionals, drone enthusiasts and vendor management specialists.  They are our strength, source of innovation that make Southern Cross Drones a great Unmanned Aerial Systems company.  Fuelled  with a mission to help customers with finding the best solution when embarking on their own drone programs and to get access to drone support in a way which better fits their operations and cost profiles.  In a rapidly developing market largely comprised of drone manufacturers, Southern Cross Drones strives to set the example for how drone technology will develop and grow in the future. Click here to meet our TEAM.

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