Parrot is the industry leader in commercial civil drone industry.   The numersous strategic partnerships and acquisitions demonstrate company’s focus on delivering industry grade drones to small and medium size businesses in areas of architecure / engineering, farming or construction services.  Throuh the stakes and acquisiions in companies such as AirInov, MicaSense, Pix4D, senseFly as well as the creation of its specialised UAW service platform AirSupport, the Parrot Group is combining a range of advanced and renowned solutions, bringing high-value data and models meeting the needs of professionals in precision agriculture for farmers and agronomist, mapping and inspection for industries such as constructiuon, real estate, architecture as well as GIS for humanitarian, environmental, mining and public sercices.  

Parrot professional solutions are “end-to-end” tools, which are reliable and affordable.  They ar built on Parrot’s consumer drones, which have already demonstrated their maneuverability, robustness, ease of piloting and incorporate prcision sensors and software for SMEs and independents to use by themselves and start benefiting from the advnced capabilities developed for larger businesses.



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