Southern Cross Drones to Launch DIODON Drone in ANZ, in Second Half of 2017

SYDNEY, 11 April 2017 -  The days of drones disappearing under the surface of water could be over.  The new type of inflatable drone is undergoing rigorous testing in France.  The DIODON amphibious aircraft from French company Diodon Drone Technology has been smartly designed launch from water or snow surface and fly even in heavy rain conditions.  Furthermore, the DIODON drone delivers in its design the important qualities of lightness, robustness and compactness.  DIODON drone product line will include three models, each equipped with an inflatable frame which has several advantages. When the frame of the drone is deflated, the system becomes very compact and easily carried in a backpack. It takes less than a minute inflate the drone and prepare it for action.  A compact electric air compressor is provided, though the drones can be inflated with manual pump or even with an aid of popular CO2 cartridges.  The inflatable structure of the drone is virtually unbreakable, with totally sealed system capable of land on water or on snow.

The idea of an inflatable structure came from one of the creators of DIODON, the devoted kite surfer who got used to inflate a portion of his wing to stiffen its construction.  While creating an inflatable arms of drone has proven to be quite easy, designers have encountered difficulty when integrating rigid parts of structure to support electrical motors.

After two years of development, the company now gearing up to commence production of three drones. Two working models were recently shown at SOFINS, Special Operation Forces Innovations Network event, sponsored by the French Ministry of Defence. 

The SP20 can carry a payload of 200 grams and the MP40 has a payload capacity of 400 grams.  The largest model, will be able to safely lift the cameras or other instruments of up to 1500 grams of weight.  One airborne, the DIODON drones flight time is expected to approach 30 minutes. The drone control system is semi-autonomous, with an aid of on-board GPS system and performed via a touch pad or dedicated remote control unit.

The two young entrepreneurs at the head of Diodon Drone Technology are currently preparing all three drone models for the  production.  The manufacturing is on track to start in second half of 2017 with general availability expected later in the year.  The concept is quickly gaining interest of potential clients from search and rescue authorities, coastal guard patrols and military, just to name few. 

Southern Cross Drones, a Sydney based commercial UAV solutions company has recently entered into partnership with DIODON Drone Technology and will closely monitor development and manufacturing process with anticipation to launch the product in ANZ region in second half of 2017.

About Diodon Drone Technology

DIODON Drone Technology is an innovative UAV company with a mission to deliver world’s first inflatable amphibious drone systems.  Designed for in mind of search and rescue missions, specialised industrial inspections, coastal surveillance operations and rescue, military reconnoissance flights, the DIODON drones can operate in adverse conditions, heavy rain or snow and launch and land from water surface if necessary.

For more information, visit Diodon Drone Technology website:  http://www diodon-drone.com

Southern Cross Drones 

Southern Cross Drones is a Sydney, Australia based commercial UAV and UAS company.  Founded in 2016 Southern Cross Drones provided range of unique drone based solutions aimed at civil engineering, surveying, mapping, mining  infrastructure and inspection, precision agriculture applications.  Southern Cross Drones is renown for its competency in matching the best available solutions with specific requirements of clients in government, education, enterprise, agriculture, mineral resources, science and research sectors.

For more information, visit our website:  http://www southerncrossdrones.com